The name ReInc derived from the word Reincarnation. This upcycling project that will be based in Berlin. The main idea behind project ReInc is giving a new life to the vintage audio era at the same time making them compatible and updated to current times. The project also focuses on the upgrading of existing working and defective devices, specialising in vintage devices like, Radios, HiFi, Speakers, Tape Recorder etc. One of the prime criteria is to reduce the consumption of new raw materials in creating new products, which can thereby help in reducing pollution in various forms as well as reduce greenhouse gas emissions. These can also help in reducing the ever-increasing buying nature of people by providing alternatives in reusing the existing devices in a novel and sustainable way.


“The best way to wrap your head around upcycling is to stop looking at objects as waste”

Outsmart Waste- Tom Szaky